[Appel à communications] Recherche sur l’ESS et les Objectifs de développement durable

14 août 2018 par LelaboESS R&D 43 visites

L’Institut de recherche des Nations unies pour le développement social (UNRISD) lance un appel à communications sur l’économie sociale et solidaire comme moyen de mise en oeuvre des Objectifs de développement durable (ODD).

Extraits de l’appel à communications (en anglais) :

"The Call for Papers aims to identify and mobilize research from different regions and territories that critically examines the role of SSE as a means of implementation for the SDGs.

The Call invites researchers and practitioners to submit proposals for papers related to two main issue areas :

i. SSE as a means of implementation for the SDGs. Of interest are the ways in which SSE actors and institutions can facilitate the implementation of goals and targets associated with the SDGs, particularly in local settings. What works and why ? What is the comparative advantage of SSE in relation to other forms of economy, in terms of minimizing trade-offs between different dimensions of development and promoting a more integrated approach ? What actors and institutions are key for creating an enabling environment for SDG implementation through SSE ? What is the scope for replicating positive initiatives in other local settings ? Please note that papers examining local experiences related to a specific organization or grassroots initiative should attempt to go beyond a focus on micro dynamics or the micro level and also consider interactions with national and regional actors and institutions, as well as the mechanisms and scope for scaling up and replicating small scale local initiatives.

ii. Measuring SSE, its scale and impact. In a context where systematic data on SSE are still scarce, where definitions and indicators vary, and where statistics often fail to capture the diversity of SSE actors and impacts, the Call aims to identify robust methodologies and innovative solutions for measuring SSE and its impacts."

L’appel à communication est ouvert jusqu’au 2 août 2018. Les auteurs sélectionnés présenteront leur travail en avril 2019 dans le cadre d’une conférence aux Nations Unies à Genève.

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